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Hello lovely friends! Probably some of you already know me from my blog The Crafting Nook and if you don’t then this post is right for you! I’m Camila but everyone calls me Cami. I’m a bachelor graphic designer with most of my professional experience based in advertising. I always had passion for handcrafts and design, which lead me to make it my main career. I’ve been a blogger for 3 years now doing exactly that. I make crafts, recipes, diy projects and anything I can create with my hands. I also started designing blogs as business about 2 years ago to make your blog beautiful.

Make your Blog Beautiful

Make you Blog Beautiful

To be honest I didn’t use to like web design. I actually ran away from it most of my professional life only to find myself in love with it after I started blogging. I’m really thankful for that and to be lucky enough to be a web developer as a mother. With technology and cyberspace taking over everything, is really smart to embrace it and go with the flow.

Design is basically my passion, despite the fact that right now it’s my job, designing is something I do with such pleasure. I enjoy so much creating things that will make people happy and that’s my main goal.

This business started as TCDesigns. I chose it because it had the same 2 first initials of my blog’s name {TCN} and only to give a name to the people who have worked with a few wonderful customers. Little did I know that those few customers would turn into many more taking me to the point where needed to make a space for it alone.


Now we became TCN Design Studio with its own domain and website hoping to keep growing with you. TCNDS is not alone. It has a twin brother. We also decided to make this a local business so we opened a side-to-side business for Colombia {South America} offering from design services to IT services.


I hope you all new and frequent readers enjoy my work as much as I enjoy creating. Here at TCN Design Studio you will find all the services I offer, some design tips and tricks and all my designs. This site will stay linked to the blog so you never miss a thing.

We work both common platforms: Blogger and WordPress, including Genesis Framework. We are always open to try new things so if you use a different platform we would be more tan happy to adventure with you and learn so we can make you happy too and your blog beautiful.

Hope to have you around often… If you need anything, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Happy Blogging!

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