Resources for Bloggers (newbies or established)

Hello, thank you for stopping by. You know, as a blogger sometimes I feel frustrated, blocked, even unmotivated. Sometimes I feel lost and don’t know where to go.

Blogging can be overwhelming and a kick in the butt BUT when I sit, take I deep breath and think; I realize I just love blogging.


Because it’s something mine and only mine. It all depends on me, my success and my failures. It’s me who builds the community, the network and most importantly the friendships.

Thinking about this and all the help I have gotten all these years I decided to create this page and fill it with great Resources for Bloggers. Sometimes having access to information always help.

I always love to check out resources for bloggers from other bloggers, each blogger has their own point of view and they always share something new. Sometimes I try some out and love them, sometimes I just discard them.

I learned so much from them that I thought it would be a good idea to share my own resources for bloggers like you and me and a list of products and services that have helped me based on my own experiences and also some that people tend to use and say they are good and worth it!

Here is a helpful resource collection that I put together of all my favorite and most used products/services. I use some these services on a regular basis other every once in a while and thought they may be of value to you.

Resources for Bloggers Established or Newbies.

This is a great page to bookmark really handy as I will be updating it often with more products and services I find that are helpful.


I got my domain through Google but the provider is ENOMS. I’m really happy with them, no problems so far.

I also know that many, many people buy their domains through:



BigScoots may not be the most established brand in the hosting industry, I recently heard from them for the first time but it has become one of the most reputable companies because of its commitment to superior support and enterprise-grade infrastructure. I recently moved my site to their servers and I just can say WOW. They are amazing so far.

Their servers are optimized for WordPress. Unlike many providers of managed WP hosting, BigScoots doesn’t arbitrarily limit the number of monthly visits, their entry plan thus capable of handling over 250K visits. All the plans include website staging, 10 GB of email, off-server backups, free SSL certificates and free migration which is A LOT less headache. They did it all for me and I’m seriously telling you they didn’t say NO to anything I asked. Every error I got they fixed it. I’m really glad I switched.

Everything sounds great, right, of course, like anything, not everything can be roses. BigScoots’s Optimized WordPress isn’t cheap at first glance. It took me a little while to digest it. But if you consider the full range of features you get, however, pricing is very reasonable. The service doesn’t have a control panel as such, but it does have all the necessary tools such as PHPMyAdmin and FTP. The entry plan limits bandwidth to 1 TB which is more than enough to start, but all higher plans include unlimited data transfer.


A lot of people have told me this host is very good. I’m not using it but I know many of my fellow bloggers do and they say only great thing about it. They have also good prices to start, not as cheap but the regular price is not so high so it’s kind of even. It’s a good deal. I can’t tell about customer service for myself only what I’ve heard.

To be honest, sometimes Host service is about a bit of luck. I’ve read all kind of reviews from almost all of the hosting services. Some people say iPage has terrible customer service but maybe that day the guy who talked to him was in a bad mood or something or was the guy who didn’t know about that specific issue, who knows. The thing is that sometimes we need to take risks and be prepared for anything that can happen hoping for the best of course. So far it’s been great for me.

Stock Photo

PixiStock – I absolutely love this site and her photos. Her stock photos are amazing and possibilities endless. Check her out.

Haute Stock – I use these images on some designs as well as some social posts.

SC Stockshop – These photos are gorgeous and so professional. One good thing about them is the limit they place on how many times an image can be sold. Take a look at this shop.

IvoryMix – I use lots of these images on some designs as well as some social posts. Gorgeously design photos!

Unsplash – This is not a styled stock photo but most like any photo stock. You will find any kind of photos and I especially love their interior photos. I’ve used them for Theme templates I’m working on.

Photo Editing

Canva – crop, rotate, and resize your photos with this site.

PicMonkey – I’m taking this from the point of view of the 90% of my fellow bloggers who use it. It is easy to use and reasonably priced.  It’s a great graphic design tool that is really easy to catch on to, and they keep adding more and more options and making it better and better. Not only can you create graphics and labels in PicMonkey’s “design” feature, you can also edit photos and create collages as well.

I personally use Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom for editing and Adobe Illustrator for designs and logos.

Marketing Schedulers

Tailwind – It’s a great tool for managing Pinterest and Instagram marketing. Helps me find content, schedule posts and run contests. Start a free trial to check it out!. You have a free trial and paid plans.

Planoly – Manage, plan, and schedule your Instagram posts from your computer and mobile phones. Create a cohesive Instagram feed and manage multiple Instagram accounts. You have free and paid plans.

Email Newsletter Subscription

MailChimp – I use this for The Crafting nook’s email subscription service. It’s free if you have under 2,000 contacts and send less than 10,000 emails a month. There are different plans for those who have over 2,000 subscribers.

ConvertKit – this app was specifically developed for bloggers and online creators.  You can configure it to your WordPress website so that your form appears at the end of every blog post, automation, and autoresponder series. There’s no free plan with them but they have pretty cool features and a strong platform.

Genesis eNews Extended – This is the subscribe box I use my blog and most sites I design. Works with Feedburner, MailChimp, Aweber, FeedBlitz, and more.

Form Builders

Ninja Forms – this is a free form builder. I’ve used this one on some sites I’ve designed in the past.

WPForms – I currently use this here at TCN Design Studio and I’ve used it on several other blogs I’ve designed. You can see how it looks on my Contact page


The Hungry JPG – This this place as they have tons of premium graphic design resources available for instant download. You will find freebies and also very inexpensive resources.

Font Bundles – This is the home of premium fonts and font bundles. Specialist resource for etsy sellers, card makers, paper crafters and more. You will find freebies and also very inexpensive resources.

Creative Market – this is one of my favorite sites to find the perfect custom font to use on my site and for logos.

Google Fonts – Most of the fonts I use on my WordPress theme designs come from Google Fonts.

WordMark – see all the fonts on your computer at once.

CSS Font Stack – get the css code for all the basic fonts

WordPress Plugins

Akismet: – It’s a great tool. Protects your blog from spam comments and trackback spam.

W3 Total Cache: – Easy Web Performance Optimization (WPO) using caching: browser, page, object, database, minify and content delivery network support. Speed-enhancing website caching plugin. It has a million settings, many of which are confusing, so make sure you seek help as you set up this plugin OR if you are scared to do it or don’t have who can you can use these 2 together {never use these when W3 Super Cache is installed}: DB Cache Reloaded Fix and Optimize Database after Deleting Revisions

WordPress SEO by Yoast: – Helpful plugin that allows you to edit post metadata and other SEO options. I love it, It’s easy to use and highly recommended. It’s a lot better than All In One SEO Pack.

ShortPixel Image Optimizer: – I’ve been using this plugin for a while now and I LOVE it. It keeps my images optimized so they are not so heavy for my systems. You can barely see the difference between before and after optimization. And the best part is that if in any case you do see the difference and don’t like it with one click you get your original image restored. So far it hasn’t created any conflict and it hasn’t slowed down my site, quite the contrary. It’s a must-have.

Jetpack: – Adds numerous advanced options to WordPress that are usually only available to users. {Use caution: though I have never had a problem with Jetpack, I have heard that others have had issues with it during upgrades.}

Comment Email Reply: – Sends an email to your commenters when you reply to their comment so that they don’t have to remember to come back to your site to see your answer.

Google Analytics Dashboard for WP: – Displays Google Analytics Reports and Real-Time Statistics in your Dashboard. Automatically inserts the tracking code in every page of your website.

jQuery Pin It Button for Images: – Puts a “Pin it” button on my pictures when readers hover over them for super easy pinning!

Sassy Social: – I love this plugin! Whether you want to get people sharing, grow your fans, and get the word out. It’s lightweight and offers a fair variety of social platforms to use.

Ultimate Nofollow: – A suite of tools that gives you complete control over the rel=nofollow tag on an individual link basis.

Easy Content Adder: – I love this plugin because it adds a custom signature to the very end of the post automagically you can also add some Ads code to it and it will appear at the end of the post. is very versatile and helpful!

Tweetily: – This plugin will periodically tweet a random post or page automatically from your blog to promote your content and drive traffic to your Web site! You set the time, number of tweets, and just let Tweetily do the rest!

Backup and Online Storage

Dropbox: – It’s an amazingly simple service to send and share large files. It works on Mac, PC, iPad, iPhone, and the web. We both have free accounts and that’s enough for us right now.

Google Drive: –I use Google Drive mostly for sharing documents and spreadsheets more than standard file storage but it has been very useful.

Monetize your Blog

AdThrive: – This is the Ad Manager network I currently use and I love them. Get the highest possible income for each pageview. They handle ads so that we can focus on creating amazing, high-quality content.

Google Adsense: – The biggest supplier of Pay Per Click advertising and the one you will see most often. It’s easy to set up, and once established you don’t have to do anything to update the adverts unless you want to change the placement on your site.

Amazon: – An affiliate program with the biggest household name. You can include sidebar banners, in post widgets that showcase particular products or text links to pages or products

 Well, hope that all these tips can help you in some way!