Hi there! TCN Design Studio is a small graphic & web design business specializing in Custom WordPress design and soon-to-come responsive WordPress themes. We also offer business branding/identity, WordPress support, and social networking design. If at any time you have any questions or just need to share your ideas with us and make them happen- please e-mail us at cami(at)tcndesignstudio.com

What platform do you design for?

We design exclusively for WordPress and specialize in both Kadence themes and Genesis themes as well as self-developed themes if you need very specific features.

What does self-hosted mean?

A self-hosted website is a website that is installed on a platform that uses the servers of a hosting company (in some cases people can own servers) to store your data. In plain words website is your home and the host is your land, you pay for the land so you can build your home there.

One of the most famous platform is WordPress.or which offers you have full control of your website. You are free to do anything you want and customize it as much as you need.

How long will it take to design my site?

Every project and client is unique. So while the timelines provided are between 4 to 10 weeks depending on each design package, these are rough estimates, because it will all depend on the workflow itself, the time between revisions, number of revisions, etc BUT we promise to keep you updated as we go along.

What’s your design Process?

After deposit payment is received I lock your spot on the agreed date. On the starting date, upon payment confirmation, I send out a questionnaire to get to know you better and we can also jump on a video chat to have a chitchat. I will ask you to create a secret board where you will be feeding with things you like to start building your brand.

I take the first 2-3 weeks or so to study your profile, create my ideas and creating the bases of your brand. I create and send 1-3 options for you to choose from. You have up to 3 revisions included in your price unless otherwise specified.

When you choose one and you are happy with the branding direction, I use that as a base to create your new website design and blog features. It also takes about 2-3 weeks.

Once you have the design, I’ll send the drafts so you can review it, adjust, suggest modifications, add or remove things as you like once.

Once this step is done I create all your social media graphics coordinated with your blog so you have a consistent image throughout the social media channels previously agreed. This could take 1-2 weeks depending on how much or little you need to adjust.

When all is 100% approved and you are totally happy with the design then we start installing, it usually takes 1-2 weeks or so to be up and running!

*I always say “or so” because in the creative and design field there is not a perfect timeframe. If we want to deliver a good product and even so, my mind and everyone else’s work differently so what might be great for some, not necessarily is for others. But I do my best to deliver quickly.

I’m a human being, therefore I’m not perfect but I do everything I can to help. As a blogger, business owner, WP user and designer I love to know and understand where I stand with each system I work with, fix my stuff and I understand the importance of having a clean and running site at all times. I care and I love to help. 

What matters to me the most is that you are 100% HAPPY! Feel free to be totally honest, what you don’t like, what wasn’t what you expected or if something needs to be changed. This is your blog and I usually see it as a second home, which needs to be perfect to live in it. I’m also available to do Skype or Hangouts again if you need to. This makes feedback and understanding much easier. 

What are your working hours, when can I expect to hear from you?

Because I am a stay at home mom, my working hours are very flexible, however, due to the time difference with the USA, I might take a little bit longer in certain times of the day. The hours below are when I am mostly available to reply to emails and spend the most time designing ( GMT+2 6 hours ahead of EST).

Monday: 6am – 1pm / 3pm – 5pm
Tuesday: 6am – 1pm / 3pm – 6pm
Wednesday: 6am – 1pm / 3pm – 5pm
Thursday: 6am – 1pm / 3pm – 6pm
Friday: 6am – 2pm
Weekend: I don’t work.

How does payment work?

For Design Packages there are two situations:

When there’s a waitlist. We reserve your spot in our queue with a 1/3 deposit. Then another 1/3 is due on the starting day, and finally, a 1/3 is due in full after your final approval of the development site, and before installation on your live site.

When there’s no waitlist. We reserve your spot in our queue with a 50% on the starting day and the remaining 50% after your final approval of the development site, and before installation on your live site. Payments are processed via PayPal.

For the rest of the services, the fee is paid in full to lock your spot in our queue.

Payments are processed via PayPal Invoice.

What if I don’t have a website yet?

That’s perfectly okay! You’re in great hands and have the unique advantage of professional services right off the bat. We can walk you through the process of hiring your hosting service and give you the best Design possible to start your business with the right foot.

What happens after the design is installed?

I offer 7-14 days (not including weekends) of email support after the design is installed completely installed. This is not to change the design itself, but rather to fix any small issues that may arise during the installation process. If design changes are requested, they will be charged starting at $50/hour with a 1-hour minimum.

Will you install all of my sidebar widgets/pages for me?

I only install the design elements and any sidebar widgets that may need to be specifically coded or designed for that specific design.

I do not setup your blog for you (unless you hire the WP Install service), please take some time to do this before we start your design; this includes creating all of your pages and/or having a post available with the correct labels/categories to be linked in your navigation bar. Contact me with questions or the request a custom quote for page setup.

Can you install WordPress for me?

I can definitely install WordPress on your hosting platform for an additional cost if you aren’t comfortable doing so. You can request WP Support Service for this at any time!

I am new to blogging, will you teach me how to use Blogger or WordPress?

Yes! I offer a WP Support Service and Coaching services that can be added to any design package. WP Support It’s charged hourly and you have options available for the coaching service.

Please, keep in mind, these services are not about teaching you how to design a blog, but how to use your WordPress Dashboard, write a post, center photos, SEO, add sidebar widgets, etc.

What comes with the Release of Logo Files?

Two files will be emailed to you after final approval, one for print and one for web quality for you to use as you’d please. You may not edit or alter these files in any way, they will be flattened, original files are not sent.

You are not required to give credit (but appreciated) with the exception of credit on your site that the design was originally designed for.

Can I request revisions, how many I get?

As much as I would like to offer unlimited revisions, and have in the past, found that revisions become excessive if there is no limit.

I do offer three full rounds of revisions after the first draft and one full round after the final draft. A round of revisions is an email from you including all requested revisions (changes, tweaks, etc) for the current site or design. I will let you know when those revisions are complete and we will move to round two and so on. Multiple emails with multiple revisions are extremely confusing for me and time-consuming. This is why I ask that you contain your revisions to one email per round. Once the 3 rounds are over a fee of $50 will be changed per revision.

Do you offer support of maintenance packages?

We offer warranty support for seven (7-14) days after design installation. If you feel you need a hand in maintaining your site, or specific support we offer complimentary services.