Welcome to TCN Design Studio!

HI!!! I’m so super excited to have you here. Thank you so so much for stopping by and hope you find here what you are looking for.

At TCN Design Studio we are 2 bloggers working for you. Me and my mom.

Me Cami, Crazy Designer, Visual Communicator and with a bit of knowledge of CSS and HTML. I run my own blog over at The Crafting Nook where I usually test all our newest discoveries.

I’m passionate about pretty and feminine designs. I love working with people that are looking to make a new gorgeous website.

I’m also obsessed with Home Decor lately so when I’m not designing I’m creating something to make my home prettier.

As a little about my background, I can say I have a degree in Graphic Design (5-year studies) and I worked for big advertising companies for over 10 years before starting my own blogging business.

I’m a Latina girl living a European life (which not necessarily means the same as the American dream LOL).

I was born in Brazil, raised in Venezuela and currently living in Spain.

I have a daughter who is my main engine that moves my life.

Graphic design is and has always been my passion. I started creating cards, posters, party decoration since I was very young, so I’ve always knew what I wanted to study but I never imagined myself as a businesswoman with my own design business. Who knew?

I care about people and what they want to achieve and that’s why I love what I do. It feels so gratifying when I help someone to rebrand her blog or start from scratch. As a blogger myself, I know the feeling and I know how important it is to make things work.

So if you are one of those women who believe anything can be done, I’m here to help if blogging is your thing!

And my Mom Ruth is the expert programmer (coding geek), web developer and the lady behind all the installation and setups of each blog and website I design.

She also runs her own blog over at Programando la Vida. She blogs in Spanish language and she’s all about delicious recipes and an organizing freak.

She’s a total nomad. Since her husband works with oil (Petroleum) he often gets moved around the world. Right now I’m lucky she’s in the same city as me.

My mom is a total coding geek, whenever I say something changed or that I want something to work on a specific way she won’t rest until she figures it out. Even though SEO goes beyond her comprehension (and who doesn’t?) she listens to what I need to get don’t and makes it happen. She’s like a coding machine.

I can’t leave my dear hubby Jonathan aside since he’s also a graphic designer and more often than not, helps us with many of the designs we deliver. No mentioning how important he is and how much he supports me in all my adventures and helps me to keep up!

We develop our own theme base where we create your designs. We only own the template authorship rights but the Theme is yours!

We also offer Genesis Child Themes design if you are already under the Genesis framework!  The quality and stability of our work are 100% guaranteed and we offer support on any issue that might arise.

Also at TCN Design Studio, we do our best to provide services that can make your blogging life a little easier. For this reason, we started to offer some WordPress Support services as well (back end optimization, maintenance, and issues fixing).

Cool right? So our main services are, Blog designs, WordPress Support, Blogging Support, Installations, and friendship!!!… OH! and soon we’ll be launching Feminine WordPress Themes shop.

How did TCN Design Studio Start?

I’m a bachelor graphic designer with more than 10 years of experience in marketing and advertising. Even though my main experience is in advertising my career started as a web designer in a small company where I worked for almost 2 years. Now I’ve been blogging for over 7 years, I’ve designed many different skins/templates for my own blog and quite some other blogs for lovely bloggers that have reached out and trusted me to make their blogs beautiful.

So I decided that it was time for me to take this to a new level and what can it be better than helping other bloggers get the image they dream about?. This business started slowly and I named it TCDesigns at first because it was the first 2 Initials of my Blog’s name + Designs. When the business started growing and decided to make it official it turned out that A LOT of other businesses had the same name so we decided to twist it a bit and it became TCN Design Studio.

What we have to offer at TCN Design Studio, is a range of services to fit your needs. From a 100% custom blog/website design to WP Support on the back end. I don’t have pre-made templates or themes {just yet, we are currently working on creating a few Feminine themes, affordable and customizable}.

On our custom plans, I design based on each person’s style, needs, and desires. I try to connect with my clients and understand how they are, how they feel and how they see themselves as bloggers or websites owners. I like to be able to help people understand better the web business, to project the right image and to become a branded business owner.

My mom develops each theme with the design I create with her own fully responsive theme template or I do the development when it comes to Genesis Framework.

We try to make this step of each customer blogging life as easier as we can. So if there is anything we can do for you, we would be more than happy to assist!

Feel free to contact us at any time:

Your information is never shared or sold with other parties, the email, website, and bio info submitted in this form is exclusively for communication purposes regarding your inquiry.

Hope to hear from you soon!!! =D